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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this title text! Cyrus started the Greco Persian war. Before Cyrus had not explore that side of the world. Cyrus wanted to expaned this territory and so he sailed and took over Greece. After the Greeks got mad that there land was being taken over so the decided to fight back. So in the end when you look back Cyrus The Great stared this war. The Greeks started of the war with a bang. The Persians were tired of waiting for the Greeks to get of there perch on the hill so they loaded the the horses on to the boats to go to attack Athens instead . The horses and there men being the strongest saw this as an advantage. So the Greeks went and attacked the weaker footmen and won the war. So in all the Greeks started of the war on a good note for them anyway. 2 After the battle was won the Greeks made something we know well to day the marathon. Before they send a man running they had just won the battle. The man running ran about 25 miles to Athens with the news. When he got there the said the message and then collapsed to the ground and died of exhaustion . The Greeks were inventing things all the time and not even on purpose. 3 The battle of Thermopylae was a battle of strategy including a holding action. The Greeks had smaller numbers so they wanted to get to a smaller space to make the Persians claustrophobic and bunched up. Also a another technique was the holding acting. This is when party the Greeks stayed back and fought to hold back the Persians while some when to build a protective wall. This wall would protect them later. After the battle was won by the Persians but there was wins and losses for both sides. There were many difficulties in the battle of Thermopolye specifically a trader. The Greeks were fighting on there own turf so they knew there way around The trader took advantage of this and told the Persians about a secret path around the Greeks The Greeks got attacked from behind unfortunately. This was on of the factors that lead into them losing. The trader was just one of the rough spots in this battle. Last but not least the Battle of Salmis. Before Thermosticles the Greek commander had told Xerexes the Oersian leader that they were going to run a way in the middle of the night and he should wait up for the. This was a lie so all the Persian were very tired. The Persians were on the water in the big heavy boat on one exit and on the other were there allies the Egyptions. This meant the Greeks were trapped in between in there light boats. Scince the boats were lighter they were faster which was a big help in winning. Each side would ran others boats and try to sink them. Scince the Greeks cornered the large group of Persians in a narrow strait with the wind against the Persians they were able to win. In the end the technique and strategy matters not the numbers.
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