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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Perry's Scheme Other perspective acknowledge but considered wrongAuthority gives only right answer; "We are right; they are wrong"Questions have multiple answers, but only one rightMost entering college freshmen Dualism Position 1 Instructor is AuthorityAuthority has all the answersAttend college to get the answersThere is only a right and wrong answerEverything is black or whitePeers' perspective of no worthWants detailed steps to success Dualism Position 2 MultiplicityPosition 3 Acknowledge uncertaintyAcceptance big step from dualismThere is a right/wrong/unknown yetUnknown will be known in futureBegin to listen to own inner voiceTrust in Authority; believe evaluation based on skill/influence/"pull" MultiplicityPosition 4 Value of opinion and give equal value to all - even AuthorityAbsolutes are suspectFrom knowledge that can be known to own thinkingSense of ownership of ideas increasesNon-arbitrary basis for determining "right""Do your own thing" and "Anything goes" ContextualRelativismPosition 5 Significant transition from MultiplicityFundamental transformation from DualismException to right/wrong situationalSelf-conscious active maker of meaningJudgments and "meaning making" in academia/lifeSome undergraduates reach this stage - most are college graduates CommitmentUnforeseenPosition 6 Relativism accepted for secular purposes-judgment/actionCommitment perceived logically necessary for action or "felt" as neededReactions may include eagerness, ambivalence, dismay, simple acceptance First commitment to personal valuesAcceptance of origins in experiences and choicesKnowledge has ethical implications synthesized into personal philosophy InitialCommitmentPosition 7 Orientation in Implications CommitmentPosition 8 Realize implications of commitment: tentative/final; expansion/narrowness; freedom/restraint; action/reflectionValues/occupations as authorityIdentity in content of commitment KnowledgePosition 9 Evolution of awarenessAscending levels of consciousnessNew perspectives - discard those of no useAccept some conflict may not be resolved; come to terms with continuing struggleRarely reached by college students.
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