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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PENDRAGON BK 7 : THE QUILLAN GAMES Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Pendragon Summary Bobby Pendragon wanted to save the 7th territory,but Saint Dane stands in his way wanting to turn the territory towards chaos,so Bobby competes in the dangerous Quillan games. Protagonist &Antagonist Protagonist:Bobby Pendragon Antagonist:Saint Dane Like every other good vs. badbook, Saint Dane sets Bobbyin a dangerous series of games,which Bobby must fight his waythrough these games Theme Trusting people you do notknow, could lead to a betrayal,even when you put your life on the line. Setting The setting takes place on the territoryof Quillan, in Veego and LaBeerge'scastle, and on the different Quillan scenes.Bobby has lost track of time but he counts many days and nights. Plot Bobby is set up to be challenger red inthe Quillan games, he proves himself bywinning in the games as the next GrandX participant. Saint Dane, in disguise, isparticipant, challenger green, in the GrandX. Bobby is extracted from the series by agroup of people called "The Revivers". TheRevivers tell Bobby, that to save the territoryhe must compete in the Grand X, and killChallenger Green, or Challenger Green would kill Bobby.As Bobby is participating in the gameshe is put in his final game and he wins, but hefinds out later that his best guide and a fellow friend in the territory of Quillan, betrays him andbegins to work with Saint Dane.
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