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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How? How? Who? Who? Why? Why? Global Children Facts Global Children Facts 3. We provide health care,doctor's visits, and payfor medical expenses ofstudents in the program. 4. Our graduates typically earn 5 timesthe national average income. 5. Many of our program graduatesreturn to Global Children as eitherteachers, staff, or volunteers! 6. We take children out ofnumerous different orphanages across Cambodia. Tell people why you support Global Children Cambodia. Use Email! Send an email to every member of your family asking for their support. Email is a personal and powerful way to ask those close to you to get involved! PeerToPeer Peer-To-Peer Outreach Guide Outreach Guide We encourage you to get in touch with your network through email, in person, social media, or over the phone. How you connect to your network is up to you! You! As part of our core group of supporters, we trust you to help spread the word about the importance of education for Cambodian youth. Reach out to your network to raise awareness for Global Children Cambodia Peer-To-Peer outreach enablesyou to share your connectionto Global Children Cambodia.You can connect your own beliefs, values, and identity to our mission, which creates a way for you to express Global Children's story in your own words. Global Children Cambodia Outreach Ideas Outreach Ideas 2. We have an 86%graduation rate thatincreases every year. Individualize the cause and explain why it matters to you!These are some ideas of what you can say to your network:-When you donate to Global Children, you know whereyour money is going. It's a "Brick and Mortar" charitywhere you can see the tangible benefits of what your money provides to children.- Donating to Global Children means you are actually saving a child from an orphanage and a life of impoverishment by providing them with housing, food,and a university education.- A donation of only $4000 provides a full year of tuition,housing, doctor's visits, extracurricular education, andall of the living costs for a student. -Providing a college education for a Cambodian studentis comparatively much more affordable than education is in our society, and makes a much more profound impact. 1. 50% of Global ChildrenCambodia programparticipants are women. Use your Internet power to tell your friends, teachers, neighbors, and acquaintances about your goal. The Internet is one of the most powerful tools we have available for spreading awareness about our mission! Your friends will care about what YOU care about! Share On Your Social Media! Post to your outreach ideas to your Social Media platforms, we recommend you use or edit the above Outreach Ideas to get you started.Share Global Children's Facebook posts to your page, use your Twitter to retweet our updates,like us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and encourage others in your network to like us too! Global Children Cambodia Website: Who We Are Video: Our Story: Social Media Social Media Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram! @GlobalChildrenCambodia Follow us on Twitter! @GCCambodia Watch us on Vimeo! Contact : Outreach Resources Outreach Resources Follow us on Tumblr! @GlobalChildrenCambodia All Rights Reserved. Global Children Cambodia 2015.
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