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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PEER SOLUTIONS 2015 Mentoring Partnership COMMUNICATION CONSULTATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING PROJECTMANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP Work with leads to identify individual PMs strengths/weaknesses related tosolutions skills sets, as well as Peers strengths. 10 peers total: pair project managers up with Peer by solutions skill sets.Opportunities to refer PMs to other Peers, on an as needed basis. 10 Peers total to mentor PMs.One Peer assigned to each person, with opportunities to "refer".Seniors would be paired with Peers to provide mentoring/coaching opportunities. Sessions will be 1:1, in person and customized for the PM. Occur once a month for 30 minutes, or as needed per PM/Peer/Lead. Sessions would will be focused on solutions skills, but also open per PMs needs. All Peers and Seniors will meet at the end of each month to discuss trends,challenges, or additional training/mentoring opportunities for the team. Pair PMs with Peers by solutions skill set strengths/weaknesses.Would like leads assistance in identifying for PMs and Peers. Peers will manage their own spreadsheet to document and measure growth of PM progress. This will be shared with the leads as a tool for the quarterly skills check-ins. SETTING UP FOR SUCCESS Peers will make mentoring a development goal. Create a description/qualities to be a Peer.Peers and Seniors will also find additional trainingand coaching opportunities to further their leadership skills. ROLL OUT MARCH....IMPLEMENT IN APRIL
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