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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Joshua Dread Based on the science fiction novel by Lee Bacon Directed by: Evan Sipe Josh Hutcherson as Joshua Dread Joshua Dread is a sixth graderwho finds out he has super powers, when he's sitting on his carpet and when he gets upit's entirely burnt.He is power is spontaneuscombustion Even though Joshua's parents are supervillians he doesn't want to usehis powers for evil. The theme is acceptance."The truth is," Mom said, "you're differentfrom other kids-other people.""It's not easy to find out that your projectpartner is the daughter of your parents' archenemy." Nathan Gamble as Milton Milton is a sixth grader with no super powers.He is also Joshua's best friend and neighbor. When finds out that Joshua and Sophie have super powers and he doesn't he begins to feel left outand lonley. Peyton List as Sophie Justice Sophie Justice is also a sixth graderwwho is also the daughter of Captain Justice the sworn protectorof earth. When she tells Joshua thishe freaks and starts running for home.Sophie has super human strengthand break anything. "Superpowers or not you're stillamazing." This story takes place in Sheepsdale, New York. Where Joshua Dread and his evil parents the Dread Dou live.When Joshua and Milton over hear a bunch of girls talking about people who moved not too long ago.They said that there were turrets and security cameras every where. The next day, when Joshua is being beat up by the schools biggest bullies the new girl Sophieuses her super powers to help him out. When Joshua comes out he sees the bullies on the ground in pain.Two days later, Joshua's parents are captured by smoke creatures and Joshua follows his parents foot steps. Will he ever see his parents again? Will he use his super powersfor good or evil now that his parent's have been captured? Watch the movie to find out.
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