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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fantasy Payday 2 and Motivation LOGO HERE Payday 2 is a game where four friends play the part of a gangof criminals, working their way up through the criminalunderworld of DCIt uses several methods to keep players motivated to continueplaying Clear Goals and Feedback Rewards and ExtrinsicMotivation Curiosity In order to reward you for continuing to play, the game constantly rewards you with newguns, modifications for said guns, and more money to buy guns and other things. Mask customization is a fun aspect of the game that you only unlock more of by playing a lot and making a lot, as it is a luck based reward gotten by completingany mission The game is designed so that you can not doall of the missions from the start. This leaves aelement of curiosity and a desire to know more about the rest of the game. There is an entiredifficulty level that is locked until a large amount of time is invested in the game. Thisis an extreme motivator to play the game fora long time The game creates its own reality that onlyrarely breaks its own logic enough to breakimmersion. The characters are all fleshedout just enough to make them fit into thefantasy world. The fantasy also has a strongenough basis in reality that it can be related to The goals are clear: complete the missions assigned to youif you do that, you are rewarded with money to buy weapons and masks and experience to get new skills.With the varying levels of difficulty, the end goal becomesclear quickly: aspire to complete the hardest missions onthe hardest difficulties The tasks in game require an understanding andmastery of the mechanics of the game andevery mission features multiple difficulties to conquer. As the player gains levels, missions that were once difficult become easy and the game introduces new missions to continue posinga challenge Challenge
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