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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The first air purifier/filterwas developed byLewis.P Haslett using water-dippedwoven cloth materials.He received his patentin 1848 Past Civilisations The first concept of an air-purifier-type of product began as aprotective air respirator that wasworn over a person'snose and mouth. During the late 1940s, theU.S Army Chemical Corpsand the U.S Atomic EnergyCommission developed thefirst HEPA filter to aid in theprotection of radioactivechemical warfare agents. In 1994 Frank Hammesworked intensely with a team of engineers fromSwitzerland to Germany.Taking 4 years to researchand build the first highlyeffective consumer compactair purifier/filter in the world Air Filter/Purifer Acrylonitrile was discoveredin 1893 by a french chemist,Charles Moureau. Howeverhe didn't have any particular use for this material in mind. In 1933 German scientist,Otto Rohm finally found uses of Acrylonitrile.He patented it and called it"Plexiglas" In 1937 Otto Rohmstarted to sell "Plexiglas".Production was slow due to the fact that World War 2 was still going on. Today acrylic plastic isone of the oldest acrylic materials. Since itsproduction it has beenused in the manufactureof aeroplanes, bomberplanes and in many other ordinary items Our Innovation Acrylic Plastic 16th Century 17th-18 Century 19th Century 19th-21st Century 18th Century 19th Century 19th Century 21st Century 2015
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