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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FOLLOW SOME EASY STEPS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE WITH THE GAME! Who? Who celebrates Passover might you ask? People of the Jewish community traditionally are the ones to celebrate the holiday. But even if you are not Jewish you can still celebrate it too! What? What is Passover? towards his people. It is a time to cherish your When? In 2016 it will be celebrated from April 22-30. And in 2017 it will be celebrated from April 10-18. In 2015 it will be celebrated from April 3-11. (Around April) Passover is celebrated on the 10th day of the first month of the DO YOU WANT TO CELEBRATE PASSOVER LIKE THEY DID IN BIBLICAL TIMES? How? year in Jewish calendars. Passover is the celebration of God and his compassion What is Passover? to live through for you, so you can be where you are at now. family and remember all of the suffering others had You must take care of a lamb and a goat or sheep (1 year of age, male and with no defects) then slaughter them on the 14th day at Put some of the blood on the top and side of your doorframe and twilight. roast the meat. (Burn any left over in the morning.) Do this with sandals on, clocks belted and a staff in hand. For the 7 remaning days prepare and eat bread made without yeast. Anyone who eats yeast will be exiled out of Israel. You may not work on any of the days and hold an assembly on the 1st and 7th day. Be sure to leave the blood on your doors or God Himself will come and kill the firstborn of human and animal. And last but not least. Have fun!!
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