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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 English Grammar The Death of the First Born Sons and the Birth of Passover Official Language of the Church Higher SAT Scores Builds Logic Skills The Bloodsheed Latin trains your mind and memory. Translating a Latin sentence is an exercise in logical thinking. The the last plague in the Ten Plagues was the worst and the most punishing. Moses and Aaron announced that all of the first born sons will be killed. This was the start of Passover. To learn Latin well, you must learn the grammar. Word order won't help you as it is a highly inflected language with many endings to learn. Latin students score significantly higher on the verbal and math sections of the SAT. Greek / other Verbal Score with Latin All Students Math Score with Latin The only way to avoid this plague was passover. What you would do is every tenth day in the first month the man in the family will take a lamb for each family member. If the house was not big enough they would share with their nearest neighbor. The animal has to be a one year old male goat or sheep without defects. They must take care of the animal for fourteenth day of the month. Then at midnight the who of the community of Israel has to kill the animal. 678 502 561 450 60% 30% 10% The Creation of Passover Builds Character Than take blood and put it on the sides and top of door frames in the house where they will eat the lamb. That they were to cook the meat over a fire and than eat it with other items of food. They were not to eat the meat raw and eat it with the head, legs and internal organs. Eat it with your cloak in side your belt, your sandals on you feet and staff in hand. Learning Latin is challenging.It takes perseverance and dedication. The Lord will passover your house and if you have not hadPassover your oldest son will be killed. What Would Happen if you didn't do passover
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