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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Growth International Volunteer Excursions To inspire growth, empower global citizens, and ignite sustainable change worldwide. GIVE/ISDI Core Competencies University Structure And Support Donor pipeline that is willing to fund earmarked, recurring scholarships for cohorts. Top tier marketing materials and infrastructure. Committment to support partners. Online/Field hybrid, available for listing atother institutions. Taught by sustainable development PhD at Central Washington University. Curriculum has been endorsed by several PhDs in the field. Designed to teach students about sustainabledevelopment and inspire them to become global citizens. Immersive, Carefully Planned Trips High Impact, Accredited IELP Course Financial Support & Partnership Development Resources Post-Trip Resources Financing GIVE/ISDI We are committed to building out an innovative sustainable development incubator and have the financial backing to do so. Emphasis on cultural immersion. Volunteers live andwork alongside locals in developing villages. Students work on meaningful service projects with locals while learning why they are important. After an extensive audit by an industry expert,GIVE was deemed to "exceed industry risk managementstandards in all regards" by an industry expert. GIVE/ISDI PARTNERSHIP MERITS Accredited, expert endorsed IELP pathways | Need based scholarships | Funding for post trip civic engagement | Support from industry leaders Commitment to providing financing for marketdriven opportunities that empower students, as opportunities arise. Existing network of service-oriented student groupsat leading universities. Partnership opportunities vary from simply promoting the existing curriculum and trips to looking to become a "regional hub" for ISDI Cohorts That Feed Into GIVETrip & Course Chair of Harvard's health care policy innovation board | Former senior capacity development director at the United Nations Accomplished sustainable development PhDs | Central Washington University | Business and political supporters Advised and supported by a sophisticated coalition: e: info@givevolunteers.orgp: Help finding potential partners on campus. Scholarships 1 Enable Inspire 3 2 Empower 4 Informal Promotion CWUSustainableDevelopmentCourse GIVE Trips Seed Money Existing UNIEngagementOpportunities CatalogListingFor ExistingCWU CourseAnd Trip Educate Legend UniversityResources Internships Student Groups GIVE/ISDIResources GIVE/ISDI Marketing Resources Commitment to plugging volunteers into existing domestic capacity building opportunities.
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