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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Partly cloudy By Emilee Myers tap and hold to change this header text! Exposition Conflict Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution the cranes were delivering the "packages" to the houses and then the flew up in to the clouds to their assigned cloud buddy to pick up the next package. The one birds assistant was .... Not so good at creating the packages. He was the one the only, grey nimbus cloud that only made bad things The bird came back to pick up another package but oh no nimbus has made a chomping baby crocodile the bird took the bag and delivered the package Once the bird flew back the cloud made him another package this time it was a ram that ran right in to the little bird. The little bird then flew away with the ram wacking him in the stomach tap and hold to change this header text! All of the sudden the little bird comes back with a delivery from the cloud above with a helmet and a chest piece and he put them on all ready to go. Now the bird has come back with QUILLS STICKING OUT OF HIS HEAD the cloud gathers them up and gives them a pullThis time the cloud pulls out a figure that looks like a .....SHARK the bird backs up nod flys up to a new cloud Nimbus is now mad he starts to rumble then right on the spot he starts to rain(cry) The cloud and bird were now back together and still dropping of the packages and only because the bird needed some padded protection so he would not get hurt
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