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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Expostion The white birds flew across the sky and drop off animals and children to the direct person or animal. Then the birds flew into the sky into the puffy pink clouds. Conflict The storm cloud is struggles to make thing that are cute and cuddly like the happy pink puffy clouds, but he fails and one of the birds is frustrated because he is harmed by the creatures. Rising Action First the storm cloud gave the white feathered bird a baby corcodile, and the bird knew it was going to be a long day. The storm cloud gave the bird a porcupine and a ram that knocked the feathers off his head. The bird came back with missing feathers and spikes in his wings. The storm cloud was excited to give the bird a special treat, a SHARK! The bird flew with shock to another jolly, pink, puffy cloud in the distance. Climax The storm cloud roared and boomed with thunder and rain poured on to the city. The storm cloud cried harder than the rain pouring down. The bird held another sack around his back and the white bird settled down on the cloud and opened the bag. Falling Action The bird had football equipment a chest pad and a shiny red helmet. The bird smiled. The storm cloud wiped away his tears and the sky was bright and sunny. The bird was swpet up and and the storm cloud gave him a hug. Resolution The cloud gave the white feathered bird that was wear the gear a eel. This time the bird gave the storm cloud a hug and set of to the next person's house. Hopefully the person dosen't mind the shock. Kaci Gohn Partly Cloudy
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