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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By Tushar Bansal The 1947 Partition: India and Pakistan The independence made a conflict of the INC and Muslim league and they decided not to be in one countryThe Muslims didn't want theHindus to gain more rights,so wanted an own country There were two groupsin pre-independence India called the Muslim Leagueand the Indian National Congress (INC) which fought for the independence of India About 500,000 people died as they started shifting to Pakistan (Muslim) or India (Hindu) The countries sent each othertrains filled with deadcitizens to show the hatred that had been formed Current Impacts Who: Jawaharlal Nehru (INC) Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Muslim League)What: The Separation of India and PakistanWhere: South Asia (India and Pakistan)When: 1947Why: Muslims feared that Hindus will have more power The Fight for Jammu and Kashmir Nehru Jinnah India officially ownsJammu and Kashmir, but Pakistan and China have both tried to sieze upon the land for differing reasons India: The last prince of Jammu and Kashmir had signed to be a part of the Republic of IndiaPakistan: The majority of Jammu and Kashmir are Muslim, and many of the citizens want to be a part of PakistanChina: As the borders were being made, Jammu and Kashmir took a part of China, Aksai Chin, without their consent which created conflict with China, but it got resolved in 1975 Why Each Country Wants Jammu and Kashmir Since 1989, about 100,000Kashmiris lost their lives due to the conflict and over 300,000 relocated Between October 5-8, 2014India and Pakistan had afight which left 21 woundedand 16 killed USA Influences USA has been an integral part tohelp resolve the conflict betweenIndia and Pakistan. They startedthe talks to have the 2003 ceasefire Muslim League formed theIslamic Republic of Pakistan, while the INC formed the Republic of India(Bangladesh used to be East Pakistan before it got independence) Train Massacres History The partition of India and Pakistan has been an influential event since the countries still have conflicts and it has involved other countries into the conflicts