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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internet as a Reference Tool"Portable Book" Strengths * Ease (24/7)* Currency (up to date)* Composite forms (text, visual, audio* Exclusivity (only on internet)* Interactivity (information dialogue)* Mass Convenience (multiple users)* Scope (vast resources * Lack of quality control* Users must evaluate * Lack of overview due to use of keywords * Overwhelming Results* Full text not always free* Historical material hard to find* Volatitlity (sites constantly changing) Weakness STEP 1 Ask yourself, is internet the right medium? Is it the best resource? Is it the only resource? Select the Right Internet Tool Search EnginesMetasearch Engines Subject Directories Constuct the Right Search Terms Make a List Alternate Spellings Context STEP 2 STEP 3 Use the RightSearch OperatorsBoolean Operators Truncations Wildcards, Quotation Marks Parentheses Proximity Matrices STEP 4 STEP 5 Evaluate the Search Results Authority Reliability Currency Steps to Successful Internet Reference Reader's Advisory Service Timeline 1876-1920 Inventing RA Privileging Nonfiction RA RA "Lost" in Adult Services 1920-1940 1940-1984 1940-Present Reviving RA Reference Service RA Service * Interview based on informational needs * requires good people skills* both could benefit from RA training* readers attain cognitive knowledge* Both can use "Top Tools"for searches * Interview more like a conversation* Interview based on entertainment - Bowker's Fiction/Non-Fiction Connection- Gale's Books and Authors- EBSCO's NoveList- Fiction DB- Libraries Unlimited's Reader's Advisor Online- Which?- Audlt Reading Round Table- AudioFile Plus- Fiction_L- The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction TOOLS FOR READER'S ADVISORY - Homework Centers- Age Approprpiate Reference Services- Services for Youth with Special Needs Reference Sources and Services for Children and Young Adults "BIG 6" Librarians must exhibit excellent oral,listening, and writing skills as wellnonverbal behavior with children DIGITAL REFERENCE SERVICES* Line Searching* Online Safety* Government Resources* Evaluating and Managing ELEMENTARY- Dictionaries- Encyclopedias- Atlases- Thesauri-Almanacs/Random Referemce- Online Resources- Language(s)/Writing- Science/Math- Social Studies Core Reference Collection Resources MIDDLE SCHOOL & SECONDARY- Dictionaries- Thesauri- Encyclopedias-Almanacs/Other Reference- Online Resources- Atlases- Language(s)/Writing- Science/Math- Social Studies- College/Job Preparation Information Literacy Defined as "a set of abilities enablingindividuals to recognize when informationis needed and have the ability to locate,evaluate, and use effectively the neededinformation" Communication Part III - Reference and Information Services: An Introduction
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