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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Using the documents from this week, explain why you think the Industrial Revolutiondid or did not improve the life of most people in England in the 19th century. By: Jaedon Velez Death rates went downduring the Revolution."The estimated proportions of deaths in the course of the preceding century…[show] a continually diminishing mortality." Further more, the IndustrialRevolution did improve lifefor most people in Englandat the time. The revolutiongave more people jobs,death rates went downand it created a spirit of equality for the people. The Industrial Revolution did improvethe life of most people in England inthe 19th century. During the Industrial Revolution more peoplewere given more jobs andmoney than before. The Revolution created a"spirit of equality" for Englishcitizens. "In England, the several ranks of men slide into each other almost imperceptibly; and a spirit of equality runs through every part of the constitution." From T. Forester, An Enquiry into the Causes of the Present High Price of Provisions (1767), as quoted in Documents of the Industrial Revolution, 17501850, by Richard L. Tames (London: Hutchinson Educational, 1971), p. 7. From The Progress of the Nation, in Its Various Social and Economical Relations, from the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century to the Present Time, by G. R. Porter (London: Charles Knight & Co., 1836), p. 19. Summary
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