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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Telephone The Airplane Before- Before there were airplanes people used wagons and horses as transportation. These ways of transportation took awhile for people to get from one place to another. Before- People didn't have much light, they used candles as a source of light but they were not able to see at night. The Light Bulb Before telephones- People wrote letters to communicate with each other. The change- Telephones were created in 1877 and they were able to call long distance. When the telephone was created people didn't have to write letters they could just use a telephone. After- This invention led to many other inventions in telecommunications like the ability to transmit video images over wires,the creation of display telephones for the hearing impaired, and the use of fiber optics to increase the speed of data transmission. The change- Thomas Edison designed the electric light bulb. This gave people many advantages like being able to see at night. People did not use candles anymore which prevented fires from happening. After- This invention made other inventions that required electrical power possible such as electric irons, fans, motors, and refrigerators. The change- Orville and Wilbur Wright created an aircraft that flew for over 39 minutes straight. This way of transportation was easier and faster. After- The aircraft that was built by the Wright brothers became a model for the future. Today we have airplanes that are more advanced and faster. By: Rayna AlcantarPeriod: 6
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