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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Springfield Public Schools Parkview High School DEMOGRAPHICS(2012-2014):Black:10-12%White:81-80%Hispanic/Latino:4-5%Am. Indian:0%Asian: 3% Annual Performance Report Data2012 85.4% Points Earned:Problem areas:Std 2 SS, CCR Indicators1-6, Attendance2013 77.5% Points Earned:Problem Areas: Std 1/2 ELA, Math, SS; Std 3.1-3, Attendance2014 64.3% Points Earned:Problem Areas: Std 1/2: ELA, Math, SS, CCR Indicator 4-6, Attendance STAFF CHARACTERISTICSStudent/Teacher Ratios 2012-2014:19:1, 17:1, 21:1Teachers with Advanced Degrees 2012-201456.7%, 48%,50%Years Experience 2012-201410.4 yrs, 10.8 yrs, 10.5 yrs Internet Usage 90% of Millennials 75% of Millennials use social media Why are scores suffering? Today's teachers While Parkview's position on the APR on Standard 3 seems low, the SPS location has increased the percentage of points earned since 2012 by 7%. ATTENDANCE Advanced Placement and Post- Secondary Placement numbers have declined since 2013 Here is whatwe know... How do we IMPROVE? What can we CONTROL? Parkview High School'sOpportunities for Improvement: Parkview High School'sOpportunities for Improvement: ACCOMPLISHMENTS SCIENCE Parkview students have held steady in this area, earning 100% of points in 2014. In 2013, students performed exceptionally well; what may have caused the difference? Parkview continues to better their graduation rate.Since 2012, the 4,5,and 6 year graduation rate has continued to climb, and the 7 year graduation rate is over 80%. Attendance rate has been on a steady decline since 2012. It has dropped from 74.5% to 71.4%. The goal is 90%. Subgroup Characteristics:66% of Parkview's Population has subgroup classification. 79% of Subgroup is FRL 16% is SPED 0.2% is LEP 6% is included because of race. SPED and Free/Reduced Lunchstudents make up 52% and 10% of the total student population, respectively. DATA USAGE and CWT RESULTS Parkview HS staff use data resources 25% less than staff at higher performing, sister high schools. CWT Totals are down by 38% in 2014 Low-Medium Challenge High Degree of Clarity Medium-High Degree of Collaboration Low-Medium Degree of Contribution
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