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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Parietal Lobe Where is it located? The Parietal Lobe is found in the "upper, back part of the cortex," an outer area of the brain which controls most higher functions. Function The Parietal Lobe is responsible for "somatosensation" or " information about touch, pain, temperature sense, and limbproprioception."( The parietal lobe processes information from all senses except sight and hearing, and translates this information into impulses we can understand.It also controls our sense of body position, and in this way helps us to build a picture of the world around us and to understand the one provided by sight Injuries and Conditions Damage to the leftor the right side ofthe parietal lobe cancause differentconditions. Damageto the left parietallobe leads to a conditionknown as "Gerstmann'sSyndrome" which causes"right-left confusion, difficulty with writing (agraphia) and difficulty with mathematics (acalculia)."On the other hand,hurting the right side ofyour parietal lobe "can resultin neglecting part of thebody or space." ( lesions on bothsides of the lobe causes"Balint's Syndrome",the effects of which arelargely based in poor visionand hand-eye coordination Lobes of the Brain. (n.d.). Retrieved January 6, 2015, from Lobes. (n.d.). Retrieved January 6, 2015,from Lobe - The Brain Made Simple. (n.d.). Retrieved January 5, 2015, from Lobe. (n.d.). Retrieved January 6, 2015, from Sources
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