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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Parents and Children Emancipation Education Paternity Responsibilities BetweenParent and Children Family Responsibility Laws Support -Parents are legally responsible for their children in many ways.-Most importantly, they must also provide the necessities of life-They must also provide for their childrens social and moral development , and must control and supervise their childrens behavior -When children are born the law does force parents to support their child whether or not the parents are married or dating and regardless of where the child lives -The parents must provide the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing ,shelter, education, education, and medical care. -Parents legal responsibility ends when their children being emancipated-Emancipation means that children are free from the legal control and custody of their parents.-Emancipation noramally takes place when they reach adulthood age -A long tradition of law and social custom has called upon adult children to support their parents when they are in need -All children have a right to a free education through the 12th grade-A child who misses school without justification is considered a truant Medical Care -Parents have a legal duty to protect and supervise their children's health-This means that they must provide proper medical care Care and Supervison -Parents may decide what is best for their children as long as they don't abuse or neglect their children Dicipline -Children who continually disobey their parents or run away from home may be charged as status offenders Parental Responsibility for Childrens Acts -Parents who fail to exercise proper supervision and controlover their children may be held legally responsible for theirchildren's act. Earnings and Employment -In many families children who work can keep spend their own money
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