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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Children and PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHILDREN'S ACTS SUPPORT EMANICIPATION EDUCATION CARE AND SUPERVISION DISCIPLINE EARNINGS OF EMPLOYMENT MEDICAL CARE Children are required for medical care. Sometimes certain things require parent's permission. Parents must have supervision in some way. If both parents work, they must find a way for the child to be cared for. Children must follow parents rules. Children are considered status offenders if they refuse to follow their parents rules. Children do not have to listen to their parents if it is dangerous. PATERNITY All parents are required to support their childrenfor basic needs. Both parents are equally responsible. Parents become involved with the child's life whether they are dating or married. A paternity Suit establishesfatherhood. The Family Support Act of1988, requires the father of the childin all states. Parents A child generally becomesemancipated around the age of 18, when the child is no longer the parent's responsibility. Children are required togo to school. Parents canbe fined or arrested if theymiss school without justification. This law says that adultchildren should take care of elderly parents. Thisis abolished in most states. FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY LAWS Parents can take awaya child's income. But they cannot take awaythings like inheritcance. A parent can be blamed for a child's criminal act when unsupervised. A parent who encouragesa child to sell drugs and could be charged is contri-buting to the delinquency of a minor. A family car doctorine makes parentsresponsible for car damagesby any driver in the family.
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