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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Paternity.An Action in Court to establish his fatherhood and force him to pay pregnancy expenses and child support. Parents And Their Children Parents are legally responsible for their children,They must provide the necessities of life SUPPORTThe Parent must provide the basic necessities of life,Parents are expected to care for the children. Law is making mothers and fathers equallyresponsible for child support. EMANCIPATIONChildren free from legal control and custody of their parents.Usually takes place when the child reachesadulthood (18).In some states its at a younger age (17) Family Responsibility LawsRequire Adult Childern to care for the elderly parents. EDUCATIONAll children have a right to free public school environment through 12 grade.Parents have the choice ofpublic, private, parochial orhome school. MEDICAL CAREParents have a legal duty to protect and supervise their children's health.Proper Medical and Dental.Current Immunizations and should visit dentist twice a year CARE AND SUPERVISIONParents may decide what is best for their children.Parents must be sure that someone responsibleis caring for their youngchildren at all times DISCIPLINE Parents have a right and a duty to supervise their children.Parents who resort to unreasonable forms of treatment in order to discipline their children can be chareged with child abuse. CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECTChild Abuse takes many forms.Childe Neglect occurs more frequently than child abuse and involves the failure to properly feed, clothe, shelter, educate, supervise, or tend to medical needs. SEXUAL ABUSESexual fondling, usinga child in pornography allconstitute sexual abuse along with other formsof sexual contact.
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