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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 * Emancipation means the child is free from legal control and custody- this usually happens when the child reaches 18, and become an adult. * The most basic responsibility of parents. is to support their minor children. * The basic that parents have to provide is: - Food -Clothing -Shelter - Education -Medical Care * It is more common now that the law is making both parents responsible for child support (each parent provides in accordance to his/her ability. Paternity ~ * A person cannot be forced into a marriage, or else the marriage willbe seen as invalid, and will thereforebe annulled. * However, the law does force parentsto support their children regardless of whether theparents are dating or married. * If a man says he is not the father of a child, the mother can take out a paternity suit to find out ifhe is the father or not. If paternity is positive the father has to pay pregnancyexpenses and child support.* More courts are using DNA tests(testing blood or tissues for genes thatlink a parent and child) to prove paternity. * Parents also have a legal dutyto protect and supervise theirchildren's health. They have to provide proper medical and dental care - e.g. child should be up-to-date withimmunizations Emancipation ~ Support~ * Some states have family responsibility laws that require children to take care of their elderly parents, others have abolished these laws. Responsibilities Parents Have Towards Their Children~ Family ResponsibilityLaws ~ * All children have the right to education through to 12th grade* It is the parents responsible to make sure their child is attendingschool regularly - if their child is found truant (regularly missingclasses) the parent may be finedor arrested Medical Care~ Care & Supervision~ * Parents may decide what isbest for their child as long asthey don't abuse or neglect theirchildren* State laws govern at what agethe child can be left alone in the home Discipline~ * Parents have the right and duty tosupervise their children - parentscan ask their children to do choresaround the house, but the childrendo not have to obey their parents if they order them to do something illegal* Parents who use unreasonable forms of punishment to disciplinetheir child can be charged with child abuse or neglect Education ~ Parental Responsibilityfor Children's Acts ~ * Parents who fail to properly supervise their kids, may be legallyaccountable for their children's acts * almost all states hold parents civilly accountable for certain acts their minors commit. These include:- Property damage - Theft or vandalism -Truancy* When a parent contributes or encourages the delinquency of a minor, they are held criminally responsible for their acts
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