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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHY is parental involvement important? WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE COMMUNITY WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT STUDENT WHO can a parent interact with for student achievement? PARENT Types of Involvement SCHOOL Participating in children's education makes a difference The morespheresoverlap thegreaterchance ofstudentsuccess Parents cancollaboratewith oneor morespheresat anygiven time TYPE 3 TYPE 5 TYPE 4 TYPE 6 TYPE 2 6 Benefitsfor Everyone PARENTING Go to parent-teacher meetings, open houses and other school-based eventsUse technology to receive most up to date informationA call from the teacher does not necessarily mean the child is in trouble COMMUNICATING VOLUNTEERING Create a time and place where homework is to be completedGet involved with assignments that call for parent participationContinue practice lessons throughout summer break COLLABORATE WITH COMMUNITY LEARNING AT HOME Join Parent-Teacher Organizations or AssociationsVoice opinions, but understand challenges to implementing requestsAsk for various times and dates of meetings to adapt to schedules DECISION-MAKING SkilldevelopmentIntrinsicmotivationCloserrelationshipwith parents Businessesare moreprofitableStudentsbecomeproductivemembers ofcommunity New skillsand knowledgeobtainedSelf-worth inrole as parentCloserrelationship tochildren Assist teacher in class so they can give one-on-one time to specific studentsOffer help with clerical duties so teacher can focus their energyKeep other parents informed of meetings and events Utilize facilities in neighborhood that are youth-focusedGo to businesses within community whose goals align with schoolInvolve children in teams and clubs to promote talents TYPE 1 Create a home environment that promotes health and safetyTake trips to zoos, museums and art galleriesFurther parent development showing education is valuable Fewerbehavioralproblemsin classChildren readyfor focusedlearningEfficacy in jobis greater
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