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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this title text! Before the Greco Persian war Presidents have a "riegn" of four years and get elected again if they are good. There are presidents in all countries all around the world. In Persia there weren't Presidents but there where kings. Like presidents, Kings where in charge of the country/empire and mad e all the rules and laws. Cyrus the great was one of this kings and his name is pretty self explanatory he's a great king who accomplished many things in his reign starting in 559 B.C. Cyrus had a mind of his own, and he was always looking to expand his empire. Cyrus the great first started by taking over Ionia. Cyrus knew that by taking over Ionia he would have more people look up to him and notice that he is a great king. Cyrus is known to be very persuasive which helps get people on his side. He was also very fair when it came to punishments and people that did not like him. Cyrus took over Babylon In 539 B.C. Cyrus's main reason for taking over Babylon was to gain more power and for the wealth that came with that. Him taking over 2 empire in about 20 years would leave a big impact on him. During his reign he also made many more accomplishments such as Cyrus's cylinder and his many Victory's in battle. Cyrus's family is not your average family his two children fought for the thrown until one of them went cleopatra on the other. In 525 B.C. The Persians attacked Egypt. Cambyses had a grudge on the Egyptian king for tricking him and not giving him his "fitful spot as king of Egypt". This causes Cambyses ordering an attack to destroy all the temples and buildings the Egyptians had possession of. The Persians attack successfully worked. The attack caused a lot more tension between the egyptions and Persians. The Thermopylae battle 480 B.C. The battle of Thermopylae was the first battle in the war against Greeks and the Persians. Leonidas led the Greek city states into battle as Xerxes led the Persians. This battle was a naval battle which means it took place in water. The Greeks always had a larger number of soil dears but always ended up losing. The battle of marathon started in 490 B.C. The battle of marathon was a major victory for the Greeks. As all the other battles in this war. This war all started because both empires expanded until the breaking point where they collided and ran out of land to conquer. Athens offered to help the Greeks in the battle against the Persians.the Persian army invaded the mainland.
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