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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chase after what you want in life, no matter what isleft behind. Quentin (or Q) has fallen in love with the the "IT" girl in the school Character: Setting: Orlando, Florida and Agloe, New York. There's different setting as the story progresses. One night before midnight Margo sneaks in Q's window and she tells him to help her on a revenge drive.She plans to prank everyone who did her wrong over the last year. They prank everyone from her ex-boyfriend and the school bully. They even break into Sea World, Q thinks their friendship may start again. But the later that morning he discovers that Margo has disappeared with no sign of where she may have gone. Through all the stress of final exams and graduation, Q and his friends start to gather clues that they think Margo has left for them. One really important clue that is a poem that was written in her wall, leads him to an abandoned mini mall, where he believes has been recently. There he finds a map of the U.S and one being of New York. Q finally discovers that the map of New York lines up with the pin holes he found in the mini mall. One point being Agloe, NY there's a letter they find that says that the population will only be 1 soon. The way the letter was written Q knows who. Q and his friends decide to skip graduation in order to go find Margo, but they have to get there in 24 hours and its a 21 hours drive. They have a few bumps through out out the road some being nearly death. They arrive in Agloe and the map leads them to a warehouse where they find Margo, but she is not the same Margo. When they finally find Margo, she is furious that they have come to find her.She is not the same Margo she used to be and they're upset. But then they realize they don't have to be who everyone wants them to be. And it so happens that now they are all graduated and adults. Margo decides to travel and to not be the fake paper girl she was in Orlando. the story ends with Margo and Q kissing but they decide it wont work out so they decide to stay better off friends. double click to change this title text! Theme: Paper Towns Plot: Margo sneaks into Quentin's window in the middle of the night, and they both go on a revenge drive.On this revenge drive both Margo and Q do pranksto all those people that have done them wrong. They do pranks on her ex-boyfriend, the schoolbully and they even sneak in to Sea World. Q thought that with all they've both beenthrough their relationship may change, butlater that morning Margo has disappeared , with no trace of where she might of gone.Q and his friends find clues that they thinkMargo has left them, for them to find her.Theythink she has left for them to find her, andthere's this poem on her wall that leads themto an abandoned mini mall. On that place theyfind a pin board that just has the pins pinned toit. Soon after that outside of the mini mall there'sa map of the U.S and New York, specifically a town called Agloe. It's a 21 hour drive and theyhave 24 hours to get there. Q and his friends decide to skip their graduation andgo to New York, when they get therethey find Margo in a warehouse.She is not the same Margo everyone knew, but they all realize they don't have to be who everyonewants them to be.After the whole Margo drama they have allgraduated and Margo and Q kiss, but they both decide to stay friends. Summary: Q chases after a girl his in love with, but she doesn'tfeel the same. Q is the kind of guy that would never getin trouble and wouldnever do anything bad,but Margo changes his actions and decisions Climax: Ditching graduation to go to New York to find Margo.
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