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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 14% 20% 16% north west north east south east west coast represented Panic Disorders Prevention What are They? Cause Sources How it is Diagnosed Commonality After Effects Symptoms 2.4 Americans are effected with panic disorders.Its more common in women than men as well. A panic disorder is when someone feels anintense amount of fear in one moment to thepoint that they feel like their life is in danger.These attacks come on at random timeswhen a person is really in a safe environment. During an attack, a person can havesweaty palms, a racing or pounding heart,difficulty breathing, sensation of choking,dizziness or feeling faint, trembling,nausea or stomachache, tinglingor numbness in the hands, and/orchills or hot flashes A panic disorder can't be prevented directly. There are, however, somethings that you can do to help yourself such as reducing your caffeine intake and asking a doctor about over the counter drugs because some of them increase anxiety. While the scientists think that it is genetic,the original cause is still unknown. However, they beleive that people that areexposed to a high level of stress or havea lot of caffeine in their diet are more at risk. After a few attacks, a person developsa fear of having another attack and where it will happen. So they don'tusually drive or will avoid public places. Some people maysuffer from depression and getinto drug or alcohol abuse. A doctor will do a physical exam and a series of exams. If they find nothing physically wrong with you, theythen hand you over to a psychiatristand they handle your specific needs. By: Katie Lepard and Gaius Carter
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