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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EDUCATION PALLAVI GUPTA Programmer.Design enthusiast.Tech lover.Harry Potter fan. EXPERIENCE CAREER OBJECTIVE To understand the paucity in user needs thus designing and developing meaningful experiences through effective use of technology Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science Software Engineer Windows Android Javascript You can reach me m+91-984-459-4725 Pre - UniversityPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology Secondary School (Central Board of Secondary Education) R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore 2014 GPA: 9.24 Sri Kumaran Children's Home Composite Pre University College, Bangalore 2010 Score: 93% Sri Aurobindo Memorial School, Bangalore Score: 94.4% 2008 Samsung R&D Institute India, BangaloreWeb and Services 2014 - present Software Engineering Intern Jan - April 2014 Samsung R&D Institute India, BangaloreSystem Software and SoC Student Intern June - August 2012 India Innovation Labs Working on components dealing with Voice Recognition Power Optimization for phones and tablets PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Development of 3D models by fusing depth maps from multiple Microsoft Kinects C++ Java Python C Linux HTML OPERATING SYSTEMS CSS WORKSHOPS & HOBBY COURSES Human Computer Interaction (Coursera) By Scott Klemmer Certificate of Distinction MIT Media Labs Design Innovation India Workshop 2013 Tangible User Interface Track HIGHLIGHTS Top 10% of an international contest, Oracle ThinkQuest Application Development Contest: Developed a rural healthcare solution Finalist, Girls in Technology, CISCO Systems India: Conceptualised a blood donation app Finalist, ImpressIT PoC contest, Govt. of India, SAP Labs: Developed a PoC for traffic management Finalist, Sustainable Energy Challenge, SELCO, IIM Bangalore: Conceptualised a solution which aimed at promoting civic sense and efficient waste segregation technique PROJECTS Power Optimisation for phones and tablets Developed using: C#, Linux kernel internals ~ Analyzing the current trends in the field of power optimisation for mobile devices ~ Understanding the loopholes in the mobile application development~ Understanding the power requirements for individual scenarios on mobile devices and ways to optimise power utilization~ Developed Linux kernel debug module for power optimisation and an application tool for power analytics for mobile devices using C# Complete Healthcare Solution Suite Developed using: Java, JDBC, Oracle NetBeans IDE, MySQL ~ Provides a complete set of features such as various health calculators, vaccine and patient logs along with a unique Symptom Checker and Home Remedy Predictor Auto Answer Developed using: Android SDK, Android Development Tools, Java, SQLite ~ Android application that was developed with teammates allows users to send customized messages to pre-defined custom groups without any intervention Doctor Directory Search emulating Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Developed using: C, TCP/IP, LDAP functionality ~ Provides the users an efficient directory search method using a protocol, which emulates the functioning of LDAP Surface Touch Developed at: MIT DI India Workshop 2013 organized by MIT Media Labs, Massachusetts at PESIT,Bangalore, using Processing Programming language on Processing IDE ~ Provides a Tangible User Interface i.e. any non-digitized surface can be used to control an application running on devices with a microphone. This widens the scope of usage of this app to control a range of applications. HOBBIES Art Debating Poetry Calligraphy Creative Writing
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