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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 " ACCOMPLISHMENTS Most Excitable " - Jackie Bowring TIMELINE Joined team; launched Global Connect; adjusted reporting systems and processes; involved in T2 planning reportPrepared 2014 targets Strong Communicator and team leader - Anonymous " " 2013 Palermo goes above and beyond expectations; takes initiative in supporting colleagues and learning other business units enabling her to be able to cover holidays - Launched and managed Global Connect reports- Contributed more insightful reports- Used initiative and produced non - requested reports- Voluntarily provided training for Microsoft Office Suite to team leaders - Changed processes to enable efficient use of time; ensured data was accessible, visible and clearer to all - Led her team to success between the 2 teams at the managers away day Worked with and provided key data to Heathrow auditors; emphasised the importance of accurately reporting passenger transfers - resulting in over 500k correctly reported transfers. Provided pre - airline move reports and supported with targets calculations. Volunteered to work with PS team to help coverage at the same time developing reporting insight Q1 Her inquisitive nature along with her interest in the travel and luxury fashion industry have been key to her success PALERMO Presented an insightful report on Nigerian passenger spend and commercial information on how fashion brands are investing in the Nigerian fashion industry. Promoted to Senior Analyst after successfully interviewing for Shopping Services manager role. Supported Shopping Services reports whilst the manager was on leave. Attended a seminar on actionable insight, implemented in reporting methods and presented back to insight team (considered the guinea pig of this method of sharing information - has since been a continuous technique within insights) Q2 Q3&Q4 Trained and supported new analyst, whilst maintaining reporting standards when the team went through changes. Received management and HR training Recruited, trained and set-up new, young and strong analyst team. Working on developing a strong UNIT with Heathrow Shopping Services and Tactical projects.
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