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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 End to end process - customer view Step 1: Person sees GP - GP refers person to Pain Clinic for Pain Management Process for accessing pain management resulting from an injury GP Pain Clinic Person ACC Step 1: Person/ACC customer sees GP Step 2: GP assesses a person and explore available options. If a successful option is not identified, the person is referred to the local Pain Clinic for more specialised options Pharmacy or other provider e.g. OT Step 3: Pain physician assesses and makes recommendations to ACC for treatment Where pharmaceuticals are recommended, the pain physician may write the person a prescription at this time (and advise any conditions e.g. that they willneed to designate a pharmacy to dispense the medications). ACC assess the clinical validity of the specialist's recommendations and communicates a timely decision to the GP, Pain Clinic and Person. Person The person accesses services and/or pharmaceuticals ACC has approved to fund The pharmacy or other provider dispenses or otherwise delivers the service or support The person then feeds back - either by phone or in person - to the Pain Specialist (who keeps the GP in the loop) on the treatment. If further options need to be explored, the person need only contact the pain specialist direct. These consultations may be by phone if appropriate. Process for accessing pain management
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