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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top organizations are at the forefront in implementing best risk management practices in order to create lasting value.Ability to initiate, finance and successfully complete standard to complex transactions, whether a M&A or financing,requires risk assessment, its quantification and corresponding mitigation. Business Development and Risk Managementare two sides of the same coin In Banking and Finance, successful managers embody business and finance knowledge coupled with multi-disciplinaryskillsets of Math, Statistics and Technology tools. Training workshops offered, develops such knowledge and skill in acomplementary manner .COM.SG Pte. Ltd + 65 6220 5658 (O)+ 65 8569 5701 (M) Banking, Finance and Risk Management Enroll today! Corporate Finance > Valuation> Credit Analysis> Financing Structures Credit Risk > Risk Scoring> Credit Rating> PD, LGD, EAD Financial Modeling Developing expertise for success! > Corporate Financial Stmt Analysis> Cash flows for Debt Service> Capital Structure optimization Market Risk > Time Series> Simulation Methods> Value-At-Risk ("VaR") Capital Markets > Loan & Bond Markets> Pricing & other elements> Documentation Basel II/III > Capital Modeling (St/IRB)> Counterparty Risk (CVA)> Liquidity Ratios (LCR/NSFR) Bespoke Financing Portfolio Management ARTH.COM.SG Preparatory courses in Finance, Probability and Statistics are also offered Detailed description and agenda for each of theofferings can be found at: > Project Finance> International Trade Finance> Asset Securitization > Default modeling / Loss distribution> Portfolio models / Creditmetrics> Credit Derivatives / Risk transfer > Project Finance> International Trade Finance> Asset Securitization Detailed description andagenda for each of theofferings can be found at: Preparatory courses inFinance, Probability andStatistics are also offered ARTH.COM.SG
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