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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 JAPANESE BUDDHISM Buddhism was a religion brought to Japan by Korea. Before traveling to Japan, Buddhism originated nearnortheast India, afterwards, it slowly expanded outwardsto Cambodia and China. Since Japan was one of the morevast islands to travel to, Their version of Buddhism wasslightly different than the original, but had all the basicbeliefs. Nobles and officials were the first to accept Buddhism as their new religion. Japan officially adopted Buddhism into their society which spread vast among the people during 600 - 700 A.D. Buddhist temples were built shortly after it was introduced to Japan. Prince Shotoku, of the Asukaperiod in Japan, used the ways of buddha to desperately unify Japan in the current situation of civil war breakouts. Without huge portions of information on the religion, Prince Shotoku sent monks to study Buddhism in China. The many temples built were the result of the critical need for peace. One of which was the great Todaiji temple. This temple not only had eminence in size but in structure. The Todaiji temple built the world's largestbronze statue of the buddha which still sits there today. A traditional temple known in Japan, the Todaiji temple is located in Nara and was built in the Nara period as well. It claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world which eventually lead to its popularity across the world of buddhism. Indeed, it was grand in size but only because it was to become the central religious temple of all Japan. During Emperor Shomus rule, he released a law that all people should become directly involved with the rise of new buddhist temples throughout Japan. California has a shortened building, the Hsi Lai temple in Hacienda Heights. In its architecture, the structure is shorter and more vibrant than the Todaiji temple. The history behind this building is much different than the temples originated in the heart of Japan. It was created long after the establishment of Buddhism in Japan. It does not include the impressive 53 foot tall gold-gilded buddha inside the daibutsuden but it is the largest buddhist temple in North America. The history of Buddhism and Buddhist temples in Japan and California
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