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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Daimyo were the next powerful class in this line of fighting. They were not soldiers but the successors or rather feudal lords. The daimyo were created after Ashikaga Takauji, the shogun in 1333. Samurai felt they had no obligation anymore to follow the shogun because of their greed for land. The emperorrefused to give more land to the samurai so Ashikaga turned and took over as shogun. Sadly, the Ashikaga shoguns died off then Japan divided itself into regions that were lead by the daimyo. Politics Japan was ruled by feudal lords, lords who offer land in exchange for military forces. Some of the military forces that were common along Japan were the samurai, or vassals. Vassals were samurai groups hired by daimyo, the feudal lords underlings. The bond between a lord and a vassal ( loyal samurai ) is known as feudalism. Shogun were the most powerful daimyo of all. The family of the Shoguns were called the Tokugawa. They made sure the daimyostayed loyal to Japan by keeping them in charge of their own land.The last shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, began to trade with Europe in the 1800s. The samurai didn't approve and wanted to remove the role of the shogun. Succeeding moved on to a new emperor, Emperor Meiji, who then eliminated the shogun.Shogun benefited Japan in its time because they keptloyalty and respect between daimyo so that civil wars wouldn't break out. They are no longer seen in today's feudal system of Japan because of the problems they caused in past history. Vassal served as loyal guards by the Daimyos side and in return the devoted warriors earned more land than the daimyo was given! These samurai were not just fighting recklessly for the money and land, they gave their word and never went backon it. The bond was so strong between a vassal and the daimyothat the wars kept continuing even after their shoguns orders were clear. This caused problems because the shogun was in charge of fighting between daimyo. Soon the shogun wereeliminated because of Emperor Meiji, which then caused a problemwhen the samurai were defeated by his modern army. Roles of Shogun, Daimyo, and Samurai Japans Feudal System
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