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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 321 buildOn students received Presidential Service Award for 100 plus hours of service "I love buildOn. It makes me feel confident in the future. With young people like these in leadership positions one day, so much good can be accomplished, and buildOn helps them to become the leaders of tomorrow. The buildOn program creates a contagious culture of goodness and generosity in the high schools were they exist, and in the community centers where they offer help." Service Partner I value the sense of accomplishment every time we finish doing service, every time that I made someones day or someones life easier even just for a daybuildOn Student. Service Partners believe that community served by them benefited from the work by buildOn students A stronger connection to the community and community ownership developed as a result of service projects. Students reported that service activities in their communities resulted in increased community morale and even motivated other citizens to take action. A greater understanding of place in the world and the community was frequently reported. Feelings of gratitude emerged following students experiences of helping people who were less fortunate. Participating in service projects gave students a sense of personal responsibility for civic action. Some students felt that these experiences were life-changing and that as a result they were committed to making a difference in the world. Students appreciated diversity in the types of service projects available to them because each one provided an opportunity to learn something new. Service experience takes the students out of their comfort zones and causes them to stretch themselves and struggle with conflicting issues and feelings. For example, after returning from Trek, students described how the program had impacted their self-perception. Feelings of gratitude, humility, and the newly-found respect for social programs and natural resources emerged as a result of Trek for Knowledge. They frequently reported feelings of taking things for granted before going on Trek. Trek allowed students to feel like they had acquired wisdom and a more accurate understanding of their place in the world 95%
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