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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE COLD WAR: ASIA tap and hold to change this title text! China MAO ZEDONG tap and hold to change this title text! JIANG JIESHI After a Japanese attack, the Chinese Civil War was placed on hold, but tensions were still high. Fighting resumed after WWII. - Leader of the Communists- Led a stronghold in northwest China- Had peasants' loyalty- No U.S. support - Leader of the Nationalists- Led a strongholdin southwest China- Had U.S. Support- $1.5 Billion in aid People's Republic of China adopted Marxist Socialism in the form of communes, where everything was shared. 5-Year Plans were created, and everything went horribly. A Cultural Revolution occurred when an uprising of the Red Army occurred, and peasants were the new heroes, WON WAR LOST WAR Korea and Vietnam The Domino Theory states that when one country falls into communism, its neighboring countries follow. This theory was used to carry out the policy of containment. Korea tap and hold to changethis text! Vietnam In around 1950, North Korea (north of 38th parallel) and South Korea (south of 38th parallel) surrendered to the USSR and the U.S., respectively. - North Korea = Communist- South Korea = Non-Communist- NK invaded by China when fighting neared the border- Remains divided today Ho Chi Minh's shifting to communism was a challenge to the policy of containment - North Korea = North of 18th Parallel. Communist - South Vietnam = South of 18th parallel. Non-Communist - Officially became two countries at the Geneva Peace Conference - Ngo Dinh Diem became leader of SV.
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