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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE CULTURE CHRONICLE Nara's best newspaper 50 yen Japan is made up of the tops of underwater mountains so the geography was very rough. With scarce land to use for farming, many Japanese took in their surroundings and soon seafood and fish became a segment in their diet. All the same, families who did own farming land had to give up a division of their rice for protection against those who wanted the land. Made up of more than 3,000 islands, Japanese have fought for rich land to plant food on. Just because of this fiasco for food, civil wars have broken out in Japan. Even though Japan is large in size, it is remote from Asia so they created their own forms of religion, culture, and military for their lifestyles. For example, animism was formed later on as their religion in medieval Japan. I believe that animism, the belief that all natural things are alive and have spirits, was created because Japan has learned to value nature from defending their land. A clue might have come from Japans mountains, they covered all of Japan so of course naturally one would fear their power of erupting boiling lava. A hint of Daoism can be found in this result of research on china. The physical location of Japan has upsides and downsides to it for example it is considered part of Asia and can trade to the mainland for more food and supplies. This eventually lead to ship-making and boats. Many Japanese became merchants, others became townspeople but all in all, the geography has mended the history of Japan to earn new religions and create superb warriors. ~ since 660 BC ~ JAPANSGEOGRAPHY By: Cornelia Penn2/24/15 How Japans geography has affected thehistory and culture of its people
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