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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Both qualitative and quantitative data reflects the positive impact of buildon program has on student connection to school. This connection to school was also measured in the pre and post surveys where 84% Think about jobs or future careers Think about college or other training after high school Set goals for myself Their service experience impacted a students career goals, by providing them an avenue to explore their interest, which in turn can influence their career aspirations. The idea of School connectedness also involves the concept of adult support, the belief by youth that adults in their school care about their learning as well as about them as individuals. Students felt that buildOn program staff were available to help them with school needs and provided personal mentorship and support. Students said that fellow students and program coordinators from their YouthEngagement Zones felt like family. These feelings of caring and support influenced students to have more positiveopinions about their schools and increased their motivation and desire to attend. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Students frequently remarked that buildOn was a fun place to hang out with friends. buildOn brings together students from different backgrounds and enables students to form friendships with students they would not normally interact with without buildOn involvement. Service projects and the goal of helping people united students through a common cause, a shared understanding, and shared experiences. Student SurveyComing to buildOn has helped me to............ 92% Think about my future 93% 90% Improved peer to peer relations was visible to school staff as well. Students felt that buildOn provided them with a positive and engaging alternative as an after school activity, and their experiences in buildOn helped them to develop educational goals such as their college major or their desired career path. Moreover, students who participated in the Trek for Knowledge reported feeling more appreciative of their education. An increased sense of importance was ascribed to school and academic learning after students returned from their Trek experience. The experience was described as helpful in getting them on track, academically. A more positive outlook and increased ability to cope with the stress of school, increased school attendance was reported as a result of a greater appreciation for their education. Trek experiences gave students a better understanding of themselves and taught skills such as leadership, independence, and communication attributes that arehelpful in their academic future. Trek students articulated comparisons about educational level and occupational status. Students from Trek focus groups reported stronger feelings of gratitude and a better comprehension of educational attainment as a determinant of socioeconomic success. 92% 91% Surveyed parents believe that buildOn staff are positive role models for their child 96% "From my viewpoint the staff at buildOn (Osborn) have done an amazing job of building honest and deep relationships with the young people. Inner city, at-risk youth are typically treated as a problem that needs to be solved. buildOn staff have taken a more sustainable approach to youth development by establishing caring relationships with the students that are visibly affecting their lives in a positive manner"buildOn Service Partner School staff believe that buildOn helps students improve relationship with peers
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