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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Now take that number one idea and start creating, planning and working on a list of hooks that will entice viewers to watch your video. Many viewers decide whether theyll keep watching a video within the first few seconds, so that is your window of opportunity to impress your audience, especially new viewers. Hook viewers early, and keep their attention! - Priority number one! Remember your hooks should fall in-line with your personality, identity and image you want to create. Use the Personalising YouTube Channel section of the questionnaire to guide you. 5. RELEASE SCHEDULE Consistency is king! Creating a release schedule will organise you and make your YouTuber journey smoother. Let your audience know when and where you will be. Whether you post once or three times a month does not matter so long as you stick to a regular schedule. Give each YouTube video concept you come up with a schedule and communicate this to your audience. Create a release schedule around your life and your personal endeavours. You dont want shooting videos to feel like a chore, your concepts will suffer and your content will become stale as a result! Be very realistic! 2. Location: 3. Audience base: When will they most likely be receptive of your video? 1. Your personal schedule: So when creating your release schedule think about the following: Prep and schedule your location space in advance.
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