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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources Pacific Imperialism He went to school at prestige's places such as Brienne and Ecole military school. He still feels like an outsider and spends his time reading the ideas of the enlightenment that will contribute tohis leadership. (1779) Napoleon returns to Corsica and while trying to gain some power,in return he gets a death sentence and his forced to return to France with his family. This contributes to his leadership by making himsure of his France citizenship. (1794-95) Napoleon moves up in military ranks because of his tactics andhis wins in the battles of Toulon and demolishes the up rising ofthe mob in Paris. By winninghe gains more power in ranks.(1793) Napoleon gains the trust of his troops by sharing the wealth of their winnings. By having their trust he has moremilitary power and more roomto try risky things. (1795-96) The win at the Lodi Bridge. This contributes to his ambition becauseit allows him to see that his "destiny" is to become something big.(1796) Napoleon travels to conquer Egypt.This allows the French peopleto see him as more of a heroand allows more positive propaganda.(1798) Napoleon was born Corsica (and island near France)and lived there until age nine. His parentswere poor nobles. (1769) Napoleon takes overthe Directory. This gives himthe first control he ever had in the actual government of France. (1799)
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