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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BusinessExperience Educational Experiences Lifestyle 16 total years of work experience, 12 years of business experience in various roles, 7 years of sales & marketing experience 2001 Graduated McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester NY 2003 - 2005 Research for Br. Bacher & Dr. Delaney, Oswego NY2005 Graduated SUNY Oswego, Major: Psychology & Sociology2006 Monroe County Horticulture Program, Rochester NY2012 USGBC LEED Program (Accredited), Tampa FL2012 IBEW (attended class on electrical safety), Tampa FL2013 McMow Glass Fusing Class, Lake Worth FL Industries Served:Retail / Hospitality / Customer Service, Landscaping / Horticulture / Construction, Education (un-paid), Manufacturing, Distribution,Communication / Marketing / Entertainment, Utilities / Billing, Energy Efficiency / Green Tech, Art / Design (un-paid) Currently:Married with 2 Dogs, Home Owner (parrot cove neighborhood), Gardening, Designing, Up-cycling / Building, Art / Charitable Endeavors (Flamingo Studios),Learning Craft / Trades, Saltwater Fishing, Outdoor Activities / Beach / Nature, Exploring / Camping South FLAttend Music events when possible, Photography, Avoiding television & Listening to more musicSport:Played Ice Hockey for 15 years (McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester NY).Travel:Currently I have been exploring South FL, including the upper and lower FL keys. *25 years residing Western Upstate NY (Rochester / Finger Lakes / Oswego)*Have spent time in most major American Cities*Have Lived in 6 different cities in the past 10 years (6 years in FL)*International Travel (Canada, Spain, Africa, Puerto Rico & Bahamas) Attitude & Mantras patrick.tanzini@gmail.comCell: 904-517-9481Social: Linked In / Google+*Details / References available by request Be solution oriented -Expect nothing & Accept Everything - You get what you give - Learn something new every day - Think of something new every day -If you are going to take 1, take 2 - Patrick Tanzini's Macro-Resume (Venn Diagram)
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