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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Industry and Transportation Industry and Transportation - In an effort to improve overland transportation, some states chartered companies to operate turnpikes roads for which users had to pay a toll- Turnpike operators were supposed to use toll income to improve the roads and ease travel - Only a few turnpikes made profit Improving the roads The steamboat goes commercial - the first major advance in transportation was the development of the steamboat - American Robert Fulton designed the first commercially successful steamboat the clermont - The steamboat made it much easier to travel upstream against the current - Steamboat unlocked the great potential of the Mississippi River Basin for moving people and goods - Steam-powered ships also revolutionized transatlantic travel Canals Boom - A second transportation advance of the early 1800s was the construction of canals - Canals provided efficient water transportation that linked farms to expanding cities - The best known canal of the era was the Erie Canal - By funneling western produce to the hudson river, the Erie Canal helped make New York City the nations greatest commercial center - The canal also enhanced the value of farmland in the great lakes region Railroads Further East Transport - The most Dramatic advance in transportation in the 1800s was the arrival of a new mode of transportation railroads- The technology largely developed in great Britain began to appear in the united states in the 1820s - Horses pulled the first american trains - Soon developed steam-powered-engines which could pull heavier loads of freight or passengers at higher speeds than horses could manage - Railroad cost less to build and could more easily scale hills
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