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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PRIVY RUBY KUSHWAH SERVICE RELATIONSHIP ASSOCIATE PRIVY Winners Q3 Service IMPACT PRIVY NOVEMBER PRIVY MUMTAZ SHAIKH Winner 2014 Suresh Shah was highly distressed as his credit card payment was debited twice via cheque payment & the auto-debit facility opted by him. Hence, he visited the branch & threatened them about withdrawing the entire relationship if he didnt receive the refund by the same day end. Mumtaz Shaikh got into action, managed to speak with the client after multiple attempts & pacified him to give her only 2 days time to resolve the matter on priority. Mumtaz then co-ordinated with the Credit Card (CC) team for reversal of the excess payment & as requested, Mumtaz provided AXIS Bank account statement along with the cheque copy to the CC team. Further, an approval mail was also sent to the Senior Vice President, CC team for reversal of the duplicate debit entry. However, being out of office, Mumtaz called him & requested for the necessary approval. Further, being a Saturday, the branch had also shut down. It was 5 pm & Mumtaz stood outside the branch until the issue was completely resolved with a reversal being processed successfully. Sheer example of earnestly addressing customer concerns & providing excellent customer service can be depicted through this instance. SERVICE RELATIONSHIP ASSOCIATE NOVEMBER Ruby Kushwah contacted a client Garima Gupta for addressing her service issues & thats when she was told of no locker being provided by the Bank as per her requirement. She also requested Ruby for home branch change to the nearest location. Ruby then co-ordinated with the clients preferred branch personnel to arrange the locker for her & got the home branch successfully changed within a time span of 3 days based on necessary approvals. Speedy & caring customer service attitude shown by Ruby resulted in banking enhancement. 1st Runner-up
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