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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3487 Youth GOAL reduce rates of unplanned pregnancy and STDs, including HIV, among adolescents Youth who participated in MPC/BPBR reported less sexual risk behaviors including: * less sex * less unprotected sex * higher scores in HIV risk-reduction and condom-use knowledge * stronger beliefs that abstinence and/or condoms would prevent pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDS * less favorable attitudes toward sex * weaker intentions of having sex in the near future * greater self-efficacy for using condoms Making Proud Choices!Be Proud! Be Responsible! Delaware's Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) 2011-2014 208 Program Groups 50 Sites Knowledge + Attitudes/Beliefs + Self-Efficacy = Intention Behavior (Jemmott, Jemmott & Fong, 1992; 1998) At the end of MPC/BPBR programs:An overwhelming majority of students (75%) had correct knowledge about HIV, STDs and safer sex Healthy attitudes about condom use and safer sex were improved or maintained A large majority (>70%) of students expressed personal confidence in saying no to unsafe sex and the intention to use a condom if having sexA large majority (>70%) of students expressed beliefs that unsafe sex is not a good idea and that condoms are a good way to prevent pregnancy and STDs PREP Evaluation Calendar Year 2013 Delaware Division of Public Health & Planned Parenthood of Delaware - Sexuality Education Training Institute
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