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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pregnancy Timeline Diffrences With Baby Diffrences With Mother 1st Trimester Egg Divides for the 1st time. After 7 days the blastosist reachs the end of the Fallopean tube Until after missing your first period you won'tknow your pregnant.One of the first organs to grow is the heart After 3 weeks you can see black dots on the headthat's were the eyes are going to form.After 6 weeks a baby is near one inch At 8 weeks the fetus is the size of a walnut shell.Nerve system is developing fast threw the body at 9 weeks 2nd Trimester At 5 1/2 months babies have their own finger prints.Baby can be born at the end of this trimester as 24 weeks is the age is viabillity. Baby gets blinking reflex. Baby develops eye lash's 24 Weeks babies can stick out there tongue.Eyes fully form half way threw pregnancy. When mom is stressed it may be passed to the baby.Babies hiccup and learn to kick during this trimester. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The last major organto form is the heart. At 3 months most babies have the abillity to hear. 3rd Trimester Baby learns mothers voice in the womb.Baby can feel, smell, taste & turn upside down in the womb. If you listen to the same song enoughthe baby will learn the beats.The longer the babies in the womb the heathlier it should be. The baby get adrenalin rush during birth.Babies are born during this trimester (40 weeks) Weight gains rapidly.Skin becomes smooth. 1st Trimestrer Vulnerable to harmful substances.(smocking, Achole, Drugs (Legal or ilegeal )) Breast begin to swell. Breast may ache.Abdomen slightly largerat end of this trimester.Weight gained 2-4 pounds 2nd Trimester Missed period.Dizziness,Morning Sickness,Frequent Urination,Fatigue,Food aversions/ Cravings Feeling better then in 1st Trimester.Size changes will happen slowly.Appitiete increases Still will feel some symptoms with 1st trimester.Constipation,Gas,Diarrhea, 3rd Trimester Visits doctor about every 2 weeks.Baby is born at the end of this trimester.Baby can be born at the begging of this trimester. At the very end of 2nd trimester or the begging of 3rd trimester at 26 weeks is the age of viability Size may affect posture.Total weight gained 18-20 pounds. "Lightening" is felt as the fetus drops into the pelvis.Breathing becomes easier.False labor may begin Pictures showing growth of mothers belly.
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