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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ADVERTISER/CLIENT AGENCIES PPS, Inc PPS/ACCESS MEDIA VENDOR Provides resources for employment via TheTool. Provides goods and services for advertising. Contracts work out for advertising needs and pays out of pocket and is reimbursed through Cash Receipts. Contracts to produce advertising material for clients. Network contracts and pays vendors directly. Agencies contract and pay vendors on behalf of the network. They are later reimbursed by the network. SPEND TIERS 1 2 KEYWORDS The amount paid to a vendor for advertising goods andservices rendered. The amount paid to an agency from the network as reimbursement. Spend/Expenditure Cash Receipts Outsources advertising needs to fulfill contract with networks. Provides goods and services to eitherthe Agency or, occasionally, the Network. AGENCY VENDOR PAYMENTS The amount paid to a vendorfor services rendered from a network or an agency. The amount paid to an agency asreimbursement from a network forpayments to a vendor. Cash Receipts Spend/Expenditure/Out of Pockets Subscribes to a la carte options such as reporting, data management, and database searches. Provides business qualifications and diversity information for agencies to view for potential employment. Manages database and carries out occasional reporting for non-subscribing networks.
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