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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Baby born. Pay $14,508 annually for infant care. Family physicals. No insurance. Pay $400 Teenage Pregnancy. Collect Welfare. Retire. Collect Social Security. Standardized Testing. Pack Breakfast Lost job. House Foreclosed. Moving Day. Pay $2,500 more to live in a neighborhoodwith people of your race. Overcrowded elementary school.Pay $10,000 for private school education. Stuck in traffic, lose a turn. Dad arrested. Return to jail and pay $5,000. In 2014, "the cost of child care in the United States can be as much as $14,508 annually for an infant, or $12,280 annually for a four-year-old in a center, and does not always guarantee a quality environment (Child Care Aware of America, 2014) 50% of the 1.4 million incarcerated adults in the United States are parents. Of that 50%, 93% are fathers. Women account for just 6% of the incarcerated population (Travis, McBride, & Solomon, 2005). The Wire: Season Four (2009), demonstrates many of the complexities of U.S. education policy, from socially promoting students, to hiring a custodial worker as a truant officer, to teaching kids to pass a standardized test so the school can receive additional funding (Simon). Suburbanization has resulted in what as known as urban sprawl.An outcome of urban sprawl is long automobile commuting that leads to a stress induced occurrence known as road rage." Psychologists have been concerned about the impacts ofautomobile commuting on mental health (Frumkin, 2002). Racial divisions still exist in the U.S. and often individuals of thesame race live near each other due to economic divides. Individuals who move to a higher income neighborhood may not be in a neighborhood with individuals of the same race. With the economic downturn, also called the Great Recession many Americans lost their homes in foreclosures when they lost employment, had questionable mortgage loans, and a combination of various policies that made it difficult for families to find affordable housing (Immergluck, 2009). Immigration impacts public infrastructures within particular cities, including public schools. Localities with a high-number of immigrants needs to createsolution to address overcrowding and to proper educate the students within their school districts (Dear & Lucero, 2005)(Pastor)(Su, 2010). In many countries, including the U.S., pensionsystems favor those who are in the labor market and breadwinners who are historically men. Pension systems support widowers; yet they do not equally support all wage earners. (Herd, 2009) The movie Precious (Daniels, 2009) epitomizes many stigmasand realities of welfare within the U.S. Precious, is a young teenage mom pregnant for the second time, yet the welfare system failed her. It didnt protect her from the rape by her father or the verbal abuse ofher mother. Yet, it did provide her with health care and income to care for her young children as a teenage mom. L I F E We drew our inspiration for this infographic from the game Spent (2011) that we completed in Week 7, in combination with the design of The Game of Life (Klamer, 1960). The premise behind this infographic is to illustrate actions that could happen on any given day to someone struggling within our society. We then included facts that explained the gravity that these actions hold in an individuals life and to our society as a whole.
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