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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Portfolio and Reflection August 29 September 10 September 17 September 21 November 14 Little Johnny was walking home from school one day, when he saw a tiny, green dragon creeping up behind him. He was immediately startled but decided not to panic and hid the shivers that ran up his spine. Little Johnny slowly turned around so he would not shock the small creature. The dragon tried to run and hide behind a massive oak tree but the small boy caught his hand. Little Johnny said to the frightened creature, This is only a story!” This story started in my mind as a movie. There is no true story, but multiple versions of the story that are created on the way from the writers mind to the audiences mind. This is definitely in my top five because it was the first thing that I wrote for thing class. It was the second thing that I wrote for college. I really liked this essay because of the story that I made up in the beginning and topic that I was writing about. I learned a lot about myself as I wrote this essay. It made me really think about my ideas of what a story is and how it travels from the writer to the reader. As I started to create my first post, I poured all of the feeling that I felt at the time that were held back by the walls in my mind. It was properly named Transition. It expressed my feelings of caution, fear, and excitement all in one post. I addressed the coming change that was ever lurking in the shadows. I spoke to the nonexistent readers of my blog about the pool of change that I was ready to jump into and document every twist and turn. This story became very important in other things that I wrote in this class. It was the most personal piece of writing. It made me relive the moment that I first started my blog. I don't think there is an object that can describe me as a writer. I think I am the only thing that can describe myself as a writer. An object is constant but I like to think that my writing is ever changing. I would rather say that my personality describes me as a writer. My personality is constantly changing , hopefully for the better, and I like to think that my writing is also. I am very comfortable in my personality, as I am in my writing. I also like to challenge myself to become a better me. In the same way, I challenge myself to become a better writer. I force myself to think outside the box and if I can't get there, then at least try to stretch the box. I hope that my writing continues to evolve. I remember being in deep thought about this assignment for days.I could not think of an object that described me as a writer.The morning that this was due, I woke up around 9 AM and I remembered this assignment.I still could not think of one single thing that described me as a writer.I had to finally realize that no object could describe my writing.Everything that I wrote a piece of me so my writing described me and I described my writing. This was definitely a learning moment for me. One day I was walking down the street and I saw an ass.It was very unusual to see an ass in downtown Raleigh but it was there.I looked again to make sure that I was not imagining this ass and I saw something beside the ass, a bitch.A puppy that was as cute as can be was just walking along with this ass.I never thought I would see the day that an ass would be walking with a bitch but that is not unusual to some people.This ass name was Tom, my ex boyfriend.I never thought that I would see him walking around with a little puppy in downtown.He hated dogs and he hated the outdoors.He hated something else most of all, censored TV shows, music, books, and other things.The government censors things that might hinder the creativity of some artists. I think this is one of the funniest and most provocative things that I have every written.We were just practicing writing arguments. When I saw this question I thought of the Family Guy clip where they dissed the FCC.I did not really think anybody was going to read it and thought that as a college student I could write more provocative things.I just started making up a story and figuring it out with every sentence. This is surely not something that I would show my mom but I am still proud of it.I thought it would be a shocking way to start an essay and really grab people's attention. I really liked the idea of a framework.Many times i was not sure if I portrayed it the right way but it worked out.I was really hard for me to come up with a theme from my paper and then to try to find another paper to relate it to.I also struggled with finding a media through with I could portray this idea.I finally thought of how I use to make prezis all of the time my senior year of high school.As the first class at my school to do Project Based Learning, we were all pretty tired of PowerPoint presentations after three years. I was happy to see how much the site has evolved and it made it fairly easy for me to fill in the template.I really learned a lot about myself, Chris Huntington, and writing in a framework. THE END Crystal Shaw
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