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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BAZIELAH BINTI ALI HASSAN (2012538039)ZAINURA IDRUS (SUPERVISOR) * To design a record system which utilize mobile device capture student attendance via mobile phone barcode reader.* To develop the attendance record system.* To test the functionality of the attendance record system. * Stand-alone system* Purchase from a vendor + High cost + Do quotation where it takes time to be approved. * Not portable and the device is dedicated. * Limited number of barcode readers. +Expensive INTRODUCTIO N INTRODUCTIO N There are many ways to record student activity attendance, which includes manually, by using pen and paper or by using computer. This project is designed to develop a mobile application that records student activity attendance by using mobile phone as a barcode reader. An automatically detecting multiple barcodes simultaneously is used in this project to optimize the time needed to record student activity attendance. Besides that, this mobile application is also being able to use by an organizer using their own mobile phone.In order to develop this mobile application, a barcode decoding by using mobile phone is use to recognize a barcode. This mobile application, be able to detect student identification card and display their information which include student name and their identification number. PROBLEMSTATEMEN T PROBLEMSTATEMEN T OBJECTIVE S OBJECTIVE S METHODOLOG Y METHODOLOG Y * Agile Method CONCLUSIO N CONCLUSIO N All three objectives achieved their goal andfulfill the entire requirement needed. There are strength and limitation on this mobile application development. There are some recommendation to enhance this mobile application development for future work. AUTOMATED ATTENDANCE DATA COLLECTION VIA MOBILE BARCODE SCANNER (M - ActAtt)
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