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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 13 Matthew Henry 20132012201120102009200820072006 VOTING HISTORY OF CENTRAL WESTMORELAND1959-2014 15,046 Increase in awareness of the causes of malaria ELECTION OUTCOMES Longest serving MPs MARGIN OF VICTORY* 1959196219671972197619801983198919931997200220072011 PNP vs JLP THROUGH THE YEARS Largest margin of victory, 1997 APPROXIMATE OUTLINE OF THE CENTRAL WESTMORELANDCONSTITUENCY 8720 NUMBER OF POLITICAL DIVISIONS 5 highest number of votes since constituency created, 2011 11 : 1 * The PNP boycotted the1983 general elections * NUMBER OF PNP TO JLP VICTORIES IN THE CONSTITUENCY 6268 : * Independent candidate Ras Astor Black received 58 votes. DWAYNE VAZ FAYE REID JACOBS VOTERS POLLED vs Matthew Uriah Henry, 7703 vs Ernest Segree Lewis, 5013 Henry, 5847 vs Astill Henry Sangster, 3767 Henry, 6897 vs Esme M. Grant, 6358 Walter Cheddasingh, 6174 vs Wilbert M. Surjue, 2912 Cheddasingh, 6909 vs Harry Norton, 4730 Karam Joseph (JLP), 7353 vs Pearl McKoy (PNP), 5461 Enoch Karl Blythe, 8021 vs Carlton C.C. Jones, 4763 PNP boycotted the snap election Blythe, 8954 vs Astill Sangster, 4763 Blythe, 10863 vs Trevor Brooks 6446 Blythe, 9425 vs Brooks, 6640 Clarke, 11564 vs Marlene Malahoo Forte, 8522 Roger Clarke, 10441 vs Russell Hammond, 8633 4417 11,564 Karl Blythe 8 YEARS 2014 BY-ELECTION - New MP Vaz is a 33-year-old entrepreneur. He is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and the University of New Orleans. He is also a former community development officer at the Social Development Commission (SDC) in Central Westmoreland. YEARS
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