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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Goals 23% Increase amount of goals scored in basketball Achieve an A in Body in Question Arrive on time to school daily in 2015 Personal Goals Learning Goals PLP Task 1 Drink recommended amount of water everyday Be accepted into the Health Sciences course in university The goal is to achieve an A grade in my report for Body in Question by the end of semester 2. Not only will this make me work harder, but it will also give evidence of thiswork. To achieve this goal, I will need to focus as well as ask numerous questions to get a better understanding ofthe topics. Another strategy would be to study hard and get access to practice test and hand in many drafts. The goal is to arrive before 8:40 to school every school dayin 2015. This will improve my punctuality for other eventsas well as attending all classes of school. To achieve thisI will need to be able to have my bag packed for school thenight before and also have all my homework completedso I am on time for school. I will aim to get to school 10minutes earlier to avoid any complications with traffic. The goal is to keep hydrated by drinking the recommendedamount of water everyday. The benefits of this includesbetter health such as less headaches, healthy organs andhealthier skin. To accomplish this goal, I plan to alwayscarry a drink bottle with me as well as record down theamounts that have been drunk. To do this, I will need tofind the measurements of the drink bottles as well as the cups I use. The goal is to improve my skills to help me improvemy shooting scores in division 2 district basketball team. This goal will be achieved by the end of thewinter season. To achieve this goal, I plan to practice very hard not only in organised trainings but also athome. I will need to work on my foul shootingto achieve this goal. I will also watch Youtube videosto improve my technique. The goal is to achieve an ATAR high enough to get into the Health Science course at Flinders University in the year2018. This will set me up for a professional career in asubject that I am interested in. To achieve this goal, Iplan to work extremely hard to achieve good grades andresearch potential paths to get into the course beforethis time. Become less stressed The goal is to reduce my stress in my personal life andschooling. This will benefit my health and help my relaxation. To achieve this goal, I will research strategiesthat will help bring down my stress levels. Also, keepingorganised and less procrastination will help this goal.I will set times to relax, with no distraction to regroup.I will access this by using my Garmin watch to recordmy sleeping pattern and how it improves with less stress. After talking to my older brother, he suggested that Ishould research how much water I have drunk by a certain amount of time. He also highly recommendedme write lines on bottles at generic measurements. After talking to my brother, he suggested that Iremember to take regular breaks when doing workand studying. He also advised me to review mybreathing habits and regulate my breathing. After talking to my mum, she advised to talk to all theteachers and people available at school. Shesuggested that I talk to them about the year 11 optionsand additional opportunities I could take to get a headstart for extra points. After talking to my friend Ashley, she suggested that I set myalarm 15 minutes before I get up so I have time to rest. She also suggested to keep a routine with all the activities I haveto complete in the morning as well as completing the goalthat takes the longest time first. After talking to my friend Molly, she suggested that I takenotes during class session to review for tests. She also advised me to make sure I hand up all tasks on timeas well as numerous drafts. She advised me to alwaysstay on task. games during the winter season Personal Goals After talking to my dad, he advised me to practicemy driving to the basket as I would in the game.It was also suggested that every time I come home,I should make 10 shots before going inside.
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